We are a team of international-caliber, innovative, professional licensed brokers and agents dedicated to change the game for local real estate transactions by transforming the experience for the clients we help to lease, purchase and sell properties.

For many years, our highly-ethical & esteemed licensed brokers have been helping foreign and local clients to make informed decisions on property investments, and were thus entrusted to manage their high-valued assets. From the identification of your needs to the completion of the rent or purchase, we offer a full-on service that always put your best interests first. 




We believe in excellence. It is a standard we set for ourselves, and one we expect our clients to set for us. Hence, we only employ the best people for the job while making sure that we supplement them with resources that keep them on top of their game.


We approach everything we do with thoroughness, professionalism, and attention to detail. This means being diligent with the market knowledge and transaction processes to ensure that we are able to handle our clients property the right way.


We strive for authenticity. We believe that real success comes to us when we are true to ourselves and to those we serve, closing every deal with utmost integrity.


RE/MAX SPIRE is an innovative, multi-faceted, team of international-caliber Real Estate Professionals who are here to provide you with the most relevant information and topnotch service to guide you in your home buying and leasing decisions.

International Background & Track Record

Our professional brokerage firm is a team of locally Licensed Real Estate Professionals, and home to MULTI-CULTURAL, INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE EXPERIENCED individuals.

These are the regions we have lived and dealt real estate transactions from in recent years, and we are continuously striving to grow a team that possesses the appropriate skillset to cater to our clientele globally.

At RE/MAX SPIRE, we believe that Real Estate is one of the most significant investments anyone will make in his lifetime. A home is the place where lives are created and where dreams are realized. Our agents understand this core principle which is why our goal everyday is to give you the most professional advice and service in finding you your next property. Simply put, what you aspire, we help transpire.

Together, let’s reach new heights.